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Event Sign In Boards

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  1. Event Sign In Board

    Event-Sign-In-Boards Wow!!!

    The extraordinary Event-Sign-In-Boards make an impressive statement for any party, event or function.

    The Event-Sign-In-Boards size uses your provided 16” x 20” Photo which is placed in our plastic lamination process and Mounted as a flat piece. Event Sign-In-Boards uses your photo which sits on top of the white acrylic plastic, which is the area for signing in, creating a very dramatic look.

    An original 16x20 Photo is required to be sent to Photogifts.com for this product

    Event-Sign-in-Boards are available in the “Pop-Out” Sculpture format By detailing your photograph we can create a beautiful “Pop-Out” sculpture adding another dramatic dimension for the Event-Sign-In-Boards.

    For Additional Layers please add $40.00 per layer along with a copy of the photograph detailing each of the layers.

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1 Item(s)