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      Shipping and Returns

      • All orders processed within 48 hours (ususally sooner)
      • Shipping rates apply to the Continental United States
      • Items sent to Alaska and Hawaii require an additional shipping charge of $30.00 (Code AH)
      • Please email this request directly to info@photogifts.com
      • 3-Day Business (within 3 business days) add $10.00 per item (code 3-Day)
      • 2-Day Business (within 2 business days) add $15.00 per item (code 2-Day)
      • Overnight (by next business day) add $30.00 per item (code ON)
      • Please email any of these options directly to info@photogifts.com

      By submitting my own personal photos I am authorizing Photogits.com to use the submitted photos in making my purchase(s) and understand all orders are customized using my photos and therefore become a final sale with no refunds or exchanges.

      Return Policy: Due to the customization of your order using your own personally owned photo(s) to make your product(s), there are no returns. All sales are a final sale. Photogifts.com makes every effort to assure you will have a beautiful product. We will not hesitate in calling you with the phone number you provide in your order should we see something in your photo you may not have picked up on, that we can discuss. We may also call if information in your order is not clear to us. Every order has an area for notes: this is where you can be specific with any instruction you would like us to be aware of in making your order. It is very important when we try to contact you via email and a phone call that you respond timely so that we can discuss your order. Should we not hear back from you in a timely manner, we will make every effort using your submitted photo to make your purchase look wonderful.

      Photogifts.com takes a lot of pride in making a superior product and in using the best items in making your purchases. Please do not hesitate in calling us should you ever have a question. In the event an item breaks in shipping, all packaging is required to be kept when contacting the shipper. Your order(s) are insured. Please let us know should something happen in shipping. We have included some helpful information on making claims should something be damaged in the shipping process.

      Who do we use for shipping? The shippers most commonly used to ship your order: • FedEx • USPS • UPS

      What happens if the item is damaged in the shipping process?
      Let us know to help you with this process. FedEx Shipments:

      1. You will need the tracking information and the type of damage done to the package.
      2. Immediately call FedEx 1-800-622-1147 to create the claim.
      3. FedEx will then mail or fax you a claim form and in turn, you will need to show the damage with the packaging in the form of a photo.
      4. Mail: Attention to: FedEx Cargo Claims Department P.O Box 256 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230 OR Fax completed claim form: Fax number: 1-877-229-4766
      5. Most claims are resolved within 5-7 business days after submission USPS Shipments: https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm US Postal Service claims are all done online UPS Shipments: UPS requires all claims for loss or damage to property transported or accepted for transportation must:
        1. be in writing (or electronic communication) and must include reference to the source document or pickup record number and date of shipment or copies of other documents sufficient to identify shipment involved, and the declared value.
        2. Assert the liability of UPS for alleged loss or damage
        3. Make claim for payment of a specified determinable amount of money and
        4. be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice showing actual cost or replacement cost of property or extent of damage to property No claims will be voluntarily paid unless UPS receives notice of claims and they are filed in writing or transmitted electronically on behalf of the shipper in accordance with these provisions. https://www.ups.com/assets/resources/media/en_US/claims_legal_action.pdf

      We hope you find all of this information helpful.

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